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Physicians and health experts often recommend to have a good intake of pulses in our daily diet. The importance of pulses is due to its richness of protein as well as iron. India is the largest producer of pulses which are grown by cultivators across Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. Several pulses importers in USA as well as pulses importers in Australia are importing pulses regularly from countries like India.
In this article we will discuss in details about pulses , its benefits and also about a leading company that imports pulses from India. Please read till the end of the article to know about this part of the legume family.
What are pulses?
Pulses are usually the edible seeds that are part of the legume family. “Legumes” refer to the types of plants whose fruit is enclosed in a pod. The term pulses are however used only to refer dried seeds, edible beans, lentils etc.

Importance of pulses:
Pulses are a really healthy part of food , always recommended by physicians and health experts. Below listed are few of importance's of pulses in our daily diet.
⦁ Pulses are a great source of protein. And hence vegetarians, who doesn’t take meat or dairy products can get adequate amount of protein from pulses.
⦁ Not only protein, pulses are even a great source of minerals viz iron, zinc and phosphorus .
⦁ Pulses also provides fibers to the diet.
⦁ They are also rich in folate and other B-vitamins.
⦁ They also help in restoring the fertility of the soil.

A brief history of pulses:
History says, human have been cultivating and consuming pulses for more than 11,000 years. Pulses like beans and chickpeas have found mentioned in Homer’s ancient Greek poem “the Iliad” back in the 8th century BC. The United nations has declared 2016 as the “International Year of pulses”.

Pulses and weight management
Consuming pulses is one of the most effective strategy for weight loss and management. Dietitians and nutritionists say that protein in pulses stimulates gastric hormones that cause the feeling of fullness.
Pulses are cholesterol free and very low in saturated fats that make it less risky for heart diseases. According to reports 22% of the people who consume pulses are less obese than those who do not.

Pulses in Indian cuisines:
Pulses are a used in a variety of Indian cuisines.
⦁ Desserts are commonly made with pulses.
⦁ Pulses are often grounded as flour. Besan is one kind of such flour that are derived from pulses.
⦁ Pulses are also soaked and made used in dishes like dosa and idli.

Some of the common pulses from India are listed below:
⦁ Mung beans: These are little green seeds that are yellow inside.They are one of the most common lentils in an Indian kitchen.
⦁ Garbanzo beans or chana dal:
This is of two type:
a) Dark skinned beans, smaller in size, known as desi chana
b) White skinned beans, larger in size, known as kabuli chana.
⦁ Masoor Dal: This type of lentils is brown skinned and orange in inside and is very popular in Northern India.

The following steps can be followed to grow pulses in good quantity .
1) Soak the pulses in water overnight until they soak.
2) Rinse and then dry them in a piece of towel.
3) Put the pulses in a clean and dry jar. Let the lid open and place the jar in a dry spot away from direct sunlight. This will make the pulses to sprout within 24 hours.
4) Rinse the pulses a couple of times a day, pat them dry and return them to the jar. They should be ready to eat within three to four days.

A temperature range of 20° to 30°C and a moderately distributed annual rainfall of 50 cms to 75 cms is required for proper cultivation of pulses. Dry light soil is the most suitable soil for farming pulses.

The following steps should be followed while cooking pulses:
a) Take out the peebles or debris out of the pulses before cooking , followed by a through rinse for few times.
b) Pulses taste better when cooked slowly
c) Old pulses can take double the time to cook.
d) Soaking of pulses in water before cooking will reduce the cooking time.

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The company has an unmatched turn around time (TAT) that keeps it far ahead of its competitors.

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