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Incorporated in2008, RD International has its roots in Punjab,India. The company was conceived and developed by Mr. Ramandeep Singh. Working towards customer satisfaction, RD International deals in magnificent home based and conventional products to cater to one's daily needs.
Soon after its establishment, as a result of Mr. Ramandeep's vast experience, it entered the export market. The company has successfully exploited convenience goods market at a global level.
Furthermore, what added to the astounding success of the company was the addition of extraordinary member to the team. Damanbir Singh who joined the company in 2011, through his gigantic knowledge base about product management, took the company to an entirely unimagined level. Nevertheless, members like Rajneet Kaur and Mandeep Kaur, backed up operations in a splendid manner. We at RD International aim at nothing but serving the best.


RD International is majorly involved in the production of natural indian :

RD International is majorly involved in the production of natural Indian spices, pulses, food grains, rice, jiggery, atta biscuits. RD International also manufactures Ladoo Dana, which sereves to be a raw material for Sweet makers. In addition to all this, RD International all manufactures a variety of traditional Indian sweets. Customer satisfaction being the major goal of the company, RD International never leaves any stone unturned in order to maintain its quality standards. The products, before bring induced into market, undergo a rigirous two stage inspection process. We at RD International strive to serve products in the most hygenuc way possible.